3/18/2012 @ The Til-Two Club

Massive respect to all the people that came out on such a rainy, cold, at times, sunny Sunday afternoon.  Here are some Pictures & Videos we found of the Skratchlab event on Youtube.  Please show some love and give props on the Photographer & videographers for the clean camera shots & Stay tuned for the next Skratchlab event coming back in a few months. We’ll need some extra time to try to beat the last one. Its going to fun thinking of new ways to make the event even better. So, as they say in showbiz… ’til the next episode’.  Thank you.

Take a minute to check out all the people who are making this all possible.  Rane Acrylick, The Fresh Yard,InnofaderJetPack Dj bagsMunitioWilly’s WorkshopEbisu Sushi Bar & Lounge420LTD Clothing, andArmory Hip HopSleeping Giant MusicNo Sucker DJ’sBattlestar MassiveHomeGrown BlendsSillyCrew, and a host of others.


Skratchlab Skratch joust battle 1

Skratchlab Skratch joust battle 2

Skratchlab Skratch joust battle 3

Skratchlab Skratch joust battle 4

Skratchlab Skratch joust battle 5


More Videos

Also, check out this video of the SkratchLab Battle by



For a nice pictorial. Check out the TheSktratchlab album Mike Sumoto put together.
Follow the #theskratchlab team on twitter for the latest news on the event and everything San Diego dj culture: Cwitch,  Rayted RThe VinylinistPacmanKam-one theskratchlabthelabmixshow


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